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The composition of coffee peeling

Coffee Robusta

Caffeine stimulates blood supply and helps reduce the cases of cellulitis, eczema, stretch marks, aging spots, varicose vein, and psoriasis.

Coconut and almond oil

Coconut oil moisturizes and moistens your skin. Almond oil is responsible for nutrition and repair mechanism of the skin cells.

Himalayan Salt and Sugar Cane

The structure of the Himalayan salt and Sugar Cane helps to peel off the old skin, helps to eradicate black spots on the skin, acne and other skin problems.

Cocoa Powder and Vitamin E

Cocoa powder and Vitamin E contain a high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Antioxidants can protect your skin from the inside out by guarding your cells from damage.

The Peeling methods

Why use Peeling method?
Our skin has amazing ability to constantly self-restore. The ability of the skin to heal even after considerable damage has occurred is due to the presence of stem cells in the dermis and cells of the epidermis, all of which can generate new tissues. In order to restore skin to its smoother and happier self, your skin needs several tools to nourish. Therefore body peeling is one of the very helpful remedies. Peeling use just very gentle skin rubbing which causing a removal of the corneal layer of the epidermis in a very superficial way. During the body peeling, we can eliminate the dead cells accumulated in the skin helping the skin to looks younger and fresher.
A dry brushing massage technique is still very popular by many to reduce the cellulitis. This technique rubs down the old skin cells and increases the blood flow. Another popular remedy for cellulitis is coffee, however not in the liquid form, but as a body peeling. The body scrub peeling simulates an increase of blood flow by the dry brushing technique and also eliminates the dead skin cells. The coffee body scrub contains antioxidants and caffeine. Coffee body scrub should be used regularly as part of your weekly routine because the effect is only provisional. To maximise the healing and eliminate the cellulite use the BODYBY scrub regularly 2-3 times a week and you will experience the positive result very soon.